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GreenON Food Manufacturing

By Green Ontario Fund

Helping food and beverage processors reduce greenhouse gas pollution


The GreenON Food Manufacturing program supports Ontario food and beverage processors. The program helps to accelerate greenhouse gas pollution reductions by enhancing the efficient use of inputs, processing and outputs in the food and beverage processing sector.

GreenON Food Manufacturing supports Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan by helping food and beverage processors expand the use of innovative technologies and practices to reduce pollution.

What you can get

Two funding streams are available under the GreenON Food Manufacturing program:

  • Retrofit Stream – Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution through the adoption of proven technologies such as retrofits to improve energy, water, and resource efficiency.

  • Innovation Stream – Support projects that reduce GHG pollution through the adoption and demonstration of technologies that are lesser known to the food and beverage processing sector in Ontario

Who can participate

Food, beverage or feed manufacturers located in Ontario, who are a legal entity and meets the definition of a manufacturer under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICs code) 311 and 312.

Only projects that are undertaken in Ontario food and beverage processing facilities can qualify for funding.

How to get started

To learn more about the funding streams available or for information on how to apply for the GreenON Food Manufacturing program visit the Ontario Centres of Excellence website.

The GreenON Food Manufacturing program is being administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence, on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Improve competitiveness and gain access to greenhouse gas pollution reduction technologies

Shorten the pay-back period for implementing innovations that reduce greenhouse gas pollution

Demonstrate corporate social responsibility by being early adopters of greenhouse gas pollution reduction technologies.