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GreenON Installations Program – How it Works

By Green Ontario Fund

The GreenON Installations program makes it easy for you to get more energy efficient. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

In-home consulting


1. Booking an appointment

  • A GreenON Installations program representative will contact you to schedule an appointment to install your smart thermostat and conduct an in-home energy review.
  • The program representative will ask you to select your preferred smart thermostat brand. They will also ask a few questions about your home set up to ensure the smart thermostat will be compatible.
  • Before the installation, you’ll need to sign the participant agreement.
  • If you rent, you will be contacted about submitting a landlord consent form. Likewise, if you an owner or manager of a rental property you will need your tenants permission to participate.

2. The home visit

  • A trained GreenON Installations program representative will arrive at your home as scheduled, and will present photo ID. The process of installing the new smart thermostat and performing an in-home review will take approximately two hours.
  • The program representative will complete the in-home energy review by filling out a checklist that will require them to access various places around your home such as windows, the basement, attic, the breaker panel and other areas with wiring.
  • Next, the program representative will remove your old thermostat and safely dispose it. They will then install your new smart thermostat, show you how to use it, and complete the warranty registration process with you, which will require you to agree to the smart thermostat manufacturer's terms and use and privacy policy. Please note that this will require access to your Wi-Fi.

3. The home energy report

  • The information gathered from the in-home energy review will be used to create a customized home energy profile that will be sent to you within a few weeks. This report will help you understand your energy usage and costs, suggesting ways to save energy and money by participating in other energy efficiency programs.
  • Once your program representative has completed the in-home energy review, they will provide you with an information pack with other energy conservation tips and programs to consider.
Bill review

Now it’s up to you – armed with this information – what steps do you think you could take to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy?

More information and contact

  • Please note that this program is limited to one smart thermostat per household.
  • Depending on demand, there may be extended wait times between when you register and when you are contacted to set up an appointment. Participation is limited.
  • The GreenON Installations program is being delivered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
  • If you have any questions regarding the GreenON Installations program or general inquiries about the Green Ontario Fund, please contact us online at or at 1-888-728-8444.